Global Growth with NganSau

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I asked myself the same question."  - Harun Yahya

Proudly homegrown in Vietnam, temporary living in Bay Area, California. By traveling to 30+ countries and pouring my heart into each place locally, I personally have learned so much more about humanity and the world. I have been helping the international technology firms expand their business operation to Vietnam for 10 years; now it is time for me to support and to help Vietnamese entrepreneurs scale up their businesses globally. I am here for you, just ask!

1 - From Vietnam to the world

One on one consulting is going to guide you step by step to the global market. I don't want to waste time on meaningless strategic planning, countless meetings without any positive growth result. 

2- Hello Vietnam!

Welcome to Vietnam, be my guest! I'm confident with insightful knowledge which I have been building for years, it would be more than enough to help you settle your first steps in my country.

3 - Product & Community

I do believe that business - in the very near future - is transforming and being rely on two important factors: Product and Community. How to make 3 become 1 flawlessly? Let me help you.

How to build and grow a sustainable business?

Be authentically YOU

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is a good start, but searching for your authentic self and staying true with your values is a complex challenge. This is answer for common question: How to find co-founders and key members? How does my company culture look like?

Product/Business - fit

Product fits with business model than market needs (or worse, entrepreneurs think market might need - when market doesn't actually need their products or their solutions). This is an answer for common question: How to educate clients/consumers/customers to buy our products/services?

Let's have a SIT talk: Think inside the box

SIT - Systematic inventive thinking is one of my favorite creative thinking methods, it works well for most of first-time entrepreneurs or new startups. This is an answer for common question: How to build a business with very limited resources at the beginning? 

Community-driven business

Being single-member company for years made me realize the beauty of belonging. I'm inspired and motivated by community and people around me which I believe another entrepreneurs should take it serious. This is answer for common question: How to get to know potential users/potential clients?

Pick 1: “What challenge do you want to accept?”

Entrepreneurs think they have a ton of responsibilities with partners, investors, members, family and friends. The result? Overwhelm and burnout. Calm down, pick up 1 challenge at a time. This is an answer for common question: How to build a company lasts for decades?

Pay-it-forward implementation

We are here in the world for a while, but we can leave our legacy for life. If we choose to be selfish, the world couldn't be as amazing as we live in that now. You can pay it forward anytime, no success required. This is answer for common question: How to make great social impact? How to change the world?

What to expect when clients choose to work with me?

Honest & Productive Feedback

Giving feedback is easy, but staying honest, brutal sometimes, and productive is an art of feedback. Every plan or product is not perfect (and I believe it shouldn't be perfect), I promise to deliver my honest feedback in well-packed solution box.

Real Numbers Talk

Numbers speak louder than anything else when it comes to business. I am not good at designing the beautiful presentation, or planning everything perfectly; but I'm proud to have numbers-centric mindset in business aspects. 

Towards To Meaningful Goals

The ultimate goal in our life is not only about money. Generating revenue from business is good, however, I encourage my clients should consider sustainable and meaningful goals too, for a better world we are living.


I have one tailor-made dress fits me so well. 
Your business deserves tailor-made solutions too. Because... Why not?

Email Me

The best way to reach me is sending me an email, or, a handwriting letter, I would love to read all of that. Please allow me up to 72 hours to response your email. No hard feeling, I'm a sloth and I need more time to think - hello [at] ngansau [dot] com

Chat With Me

Confession time: As a social introvert, I love texting or communicating by messages than talking or having meetings sometimes. Ping me on Messenger, my chatbot & I are more than happy to assist you.

Talk To Me

Errr... "we need to talk" is not always a good sign, don't you think so? Just kidding. If our availability schedule swipe right on each other, let's talk! For your information, I'm in California at the moment so Pacific Timezone works best for me.

Another projects
by NganSau & friends

Thank you for visiting me virtually, new friend.

I think it would be cool to update some projects I am professionally and personally working on here. Some projects belong to my friends. If you happen to have new ideas, partnership proposal, or a coffee chat, do not hesitate to contact me. Click on the title to access those projects. Cheers!

A home swapping website trusted by global travelers. Rachel is a good friend of mine before we start to work together, to bring new experience for digital nomads. Based out of Florida in the United States, our network proudly serves globally.

Want to be a bit lazy while running business in the United States? We hear you, and we don't judge on how you love our friend - sloth. Slothomatic is the first community growth firm for entrepreneurs, especially US-based tech startups.

This project is home for Vietnamese entrepreneurs. I commit my personal time in the next 10 years to build an open, accessible and free program for entrepreneurship training, to help everyone start and develop sustainable business.

I am thinking of beautiful words for this project. I'll write it down later.

I need more time to find the simplest way to explain how my friend's business could help other businesses. Stay tuned!

My graceful friend, Van, mom of two angels, just started her first studio in Bay Area, California. I feel more comfortable working with female photographer. I do love and admire her work!